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Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology Consult with Dr. Molly Meinhardt, DC

Functional neurology is an approach to assessing the function of the brain and nervous system using specific examination techniques as a window into how well different areas are working, communicating, and cooperating with each other. A variety of exercises can then be used to stimulate or relax areas of the nervous system as needed, as well as promote integration between areas that aren’t communicating effectively. Includes a thorough health history and functional neurological exam. Patients will receive a care plan, including home care recommendations.


From one chiropractor to another, Dr. Anya is a great teacher, listener and an amazing chiropractor. I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to see her on a weekly basis so that she can keep my nervous system functioning at the highest level. (and yes, chiropractors need to get adjusted too:) I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful care and support. ~Much Love.

~ Derek Kasten