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Apology NOT Accepted!

April 28, 2020

It may seem obvious, but it really cannot be overstated how ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL brain health is to overall health. The brain needs two things to be able to perform its function –coordinating every function in the body from your circulation, breathing, digestion, and sleep/wake cycles to sensation and movement to language, higher order problem solving, and social interaction –as well as to maintain itself through growth and repair processes. These are FUEL and ACTIVATION. Fuel can come in two forms -glucose from sugar or ketone bodies from fat -and both can be compared to gas in the fuel tank on your car. Activation refers to appropriate and balanced stimulation in different areas of the nervous system. Just like your care won’t run without BOTH gas in the tank AND a functioning ignition to get the motor started, your brain won’t work without BOTH adequate fuel AND appropriate activation. Do you know how well fueled and activated YOUR brain is? If not, contact us about setting up a functional neurology evaluation.

by Jennifer