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Our Mission


To love, to give, to serve. To be a safe container and hold sacred space for those seeking transformation on every level. To apply the highest standards of professionalism and care to every patient.


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Serving WNC since 2003, our all-female staff at Crystalign Chiropractic takes pride in combining an analytical and holistic approach towards your pain relief and wellness. 

The causes of pain are varied and can come from multiple, seemingly unrelated sources. Because of our vast knowledge and extensive experience, we can delve deeper and treat any underlying issues which may be causing you pain or stopping you from feeling your best. With our help, you can attain an unmatched level of health and wellness. 


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We pride ourselves on giving precise, intuitive chiropractic adjustments, along with trigger point therapy, heat, specific exercises, and holistic tips to help you feel amazing!

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Crystalign Energetics

Energy balancing and sound therapy are fantastic modalities, either on their own or as a complementary to chiropractic care. Both can help bring ease and grace to the healing process.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Through gentle, subtle manipulation of your skull and sacrum, we can nourish and detoxify your central nervous system.

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Complimentary Services

We offer nutrition coaching, cold laser, trigger point therapy, moist heat packs, recommendations for exercise and stretching, and the Hypervolt massager, all complimentary with each visit.

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Dr. Anya is simply the best! She’s detailed, friendly, compassionate, professional, and has great intuition, and a beautiful countenance. Whether she’s doing body work or energy work (which is a whole different praise worthy review), Anya is the Chiropractor I’d recommend to ANYone. My 5 year old son adores her, and excitedly hops up on her table whenever he goes in with me, whether she’s adjusting him that day or not, and asks for “seconds” when she does. I have never felt so happy with any Chiropractor, and I’ve been to a few!

~ Stephanie H.